Cat Sitting Testimonials

"Being the new owner of two rescue kittens, I was reluctant to use a cattery as it felt like sending them back to their old life. So I was intrigued when I saw Home Loving Cats on the internet. They are were very knowledgable over the phone and made a thorough visit to our home to meet Jasper and Arnie before we were due to leave for holiday. They immediately put my mind at rest and are truly "cat people". This is not so much a business for them but a passion. I felt comfortable leaving our keys with them and knew that my two kittens would be in good hands. Upon arriving at our destination I was amazed and delighted to receive a text message from Home Loving Cats to reassure me that Jasper and Arnie were happy and well. This was an unexpected, but wonderful addition to the service. Having Home Loving Cats on hand has been great value, offered piece of mind and I know I will continue to use the service as the kittens grow into OAP's!"

Karen, Peter + Jasper & Arnie

"My partner and I purchased 2 beautiful Persian kittens and promptly named them Freddie and Floozy, not considering what we would do when it came to taking holidays. We booked a 2 week holiday to Italy for the August as F&F would be 11 months old by this time. I was frantic for weeks worrying about how my beautiful cats would cope without us. I felt we would be abandoning them! We scoured the internet trying to find a cattery but we didn't want them go have such a restricted and unfamiliar environment.

So we decided to look for someone to come in and take care of them but lots of companies send in different people for each daily visit. Then – we hit the jackpot! We found Home Loving Cats – and it would only ever be the same cat sitter who would attend to the cats and therefore F&F would be able to establish a bond with their carers.

I phoned and spoke to the Home Loving Cats cat sitter and felt I was now in touch with someone who had such empathy and understood my fears and worries over leaving F&F and didn't think I was being ridiculous. My partner and I decided we would have a long weekend in June and asked Home Loving Cats to care for F&F and so we booked this with them and arranged to meet up so all introductions could take place. 

Our weekend away was a success. I was sent reassuring text messages to let me know all was well back at home. It didn't stop me returning home first thing Sunday morning, but I could see that F&F were happy and so I could then go away for 2 weeks feeling that F&F would be in safe hands. The day dawned and we flew away. I was heartbroken, but I was texted on a number of occasions to ensure that I was aware that the cats were happy and safe and even sent me photos of F&F – so I did in fact enjoy my holiday.

On returning home we found F&F had blossomed in our absence, they had obviously been well fed and cared for. They had been given gifts of new feeding bowls and alternative food options to make meal times more interesting and healthy.

When I am unsure about any aspect of caring for F&F I am always able to email or ring Home Loving Cats and they are happy to advise me and have such a wealth of knowledge they are a truly wonderful find for us. We would have no hesitation in recommending them, the service they provide is first class and they are the sort of people that you feel you have known all your life - my cats seem to feel the same also!"

Janis & Paul + Freddie & Floozie

"Above and beyond the call of duty.

I opened my home to two lovely cats Mork and Mindy. Having never owned cats before it was a daunting prospect.......but Home Loving Cats helped me prepare with lots of advice, support and most importantly litter trays!!

I have never looked back ( well except when Mork decides to nibble my feet at 3 in the morning). A couple of months ago Mindy hadn't come home which was very unusual for her and I started to really worry. I rang Home Loving Cats for some advice. Not only did they provide me with advice, the very next day they were driving round the local area searching for her.

They found Mindy in a distressed state as she had been attacked by another local cat and was suffering shock and some very nasty bite wounds. They immediately took her to the vets and got her treated. A few days later I needed to go away for the weekend - during this time Mindy unfortunately got an abscess due to her injuries - yet again Home Loving Cats came to the rescue and ensured she was treated and cared for in my absence. I trust Home Loving Cats 100% in coming into my home to look after my 2 extra heart beats!"

Helen + Mork & Mindy

"We found ourselves in a situation whereby our usual cat carers weren't able to oblige us when we were going abroad and we were faced with the dreadful prospect of taking our 3 cats (Moon, Casper and Freddie), out of their safe, secure, familiar environment and putting them into a cattery. This was a prospect which distressed us considerably – which was nothing compared to the distress that it would cause the cats! After searching the web and reading testimonials from existing customers, we decided to try the services of Home Loving Cats. A decision which we have never regretted and which fills us with real confidence when we go away from home for any length of time. Before our first trip, Home Loving Cats came to our house to meet the cats, learn about their food preferences, where they liked to sleep and how they liked to be fussed and played with. They clearly wanted to get to know the cats they would be looking after and demonstrated a genuine care and concern for them.

We have used their services 4 times, for periods ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks. We have complete confidence in them and are much cheered by the text message updates they send us while we are away. Neighbours have commented on the generous length of time they spend with the cats and, most importantly, Moon, Freddie and Casper are completely chilled when we get home, unlike previously when it took them a day or two to forgive us for going away. We are delighted to recommend Home Loving Cats to any cat lovers out there who want reassurances that their cats will be very well cared for while they are away. The added bonus to the knowledge that cats are very well cared for in their own homes without the trauma of going into a cattery, is the great value for money that Home Loving Cats provides".

Marie, Ray + Moon, Casper & Freddie.

"Daisy's a nervous cat but she took to Home Loving Cats straight away, something she's never done with strangers before. She's always happy when we come back from a trip, no signs of stress or that she's been worried, proof to us that you are definitely puss people. Daisy's got a few health problems due to her age but its not a problem for Home Loving Cats to administer her medication. Most people (naturally) shy away from having to give a cat a tablet, even their own pet, let alone someone else's. Its reassuring to know that someone you can trust and who you know has got your cat's best interests at heart is looking after them while your away, plus there's the added security of someone being in the house (removing mail from view, etc,) every day. We were once doing some work at my brother's house and there was a delay - so decided to stay the night. A quick call to Home Loving Cats and the problem of who was going to see to Daisy was solved. Cost-wise, the service Home Loving Cats provides compares very favourably with the alternative of a cattery, and in any case, if we did not have this service we would not go away – as Daisy would hate it in a cattery and this in turn would mean that we would not enjoy our holiday. It's the peace of mind that makes this service so invaluable to us".

Christine, Ian + Daisy

"We wanted to say a very big thank you for all of your care and attention in looking after Baggy when we've been away. We have been absolutely delighted with the service you offer and it has been great to be able to leave him and not have to worry. I can't tell you enough, how after your first booking, when we were away to Greece for 2 weeks not long after he had come to us, we came home to a "new" cat. We'd left a shy, timid boy, a recently adopted rescue cat who spent a lot of time hiding under our bed. When we came back he was there to greet us, and approached us without coaxing and he's never looked back since. I really think your service is quite special because of your dedication to the cats you care for. We are also always delighted to receive text messages to let us know how Baggy is when we're away".

Katy, Ewan + Baggy

"We have used Home Loving Cats several times over the past three years and they are splendid. This is genuine service provided by genuine cat lovers. We have total peace of mind knowing our cats are in safe hands, and of course, knowing someone is checking your home is safe every day that you're away is an added bonus. They text us halfway through the holiday to let us know all is well. But one mystery we have never solved though - why our longhair always looks so much better groomed when we come back than he did when we went away!"

Rita, David + Dan & Mouse.

"Home Loving Cats was recommended to us by a friend several years ago and ever since then we have had complete peace of mind when going on holiday, knowing that our two cats, Fluffy and Jasper, were being looked after by two very kind, cat-loving people. They have provided an exemplary service, never letting us down and always prepared to be flexible, which has helped us out on more than one occasion! Being able to leave Fluffy and Jasper at home instead of using a cattery has been much less stressful for them. In addition to feeding, grooming and playing with our cats, Home Loving Cats have also ensured our post has been put out of sight and that plants have been watered if needed. It is rare to find such a high quality and personal service these days. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Home Loving Cats".

Alison + Fluffy & Jasper

"Home Loving Cats have been a real helping hand when we have been away. Not only are our cats much happier than being in kennels or a cattery, but they are very well cared for in their home environment, fed and watered well and even played with! No problem is too small for them to deal with and we really appreciate all their help and hard work over the last couple of years. They even helped us sort out a few litter tray problems due to the arrival of our new baby. A few helpful suggestions and tips and all is now well, clean and tidy! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cat sitting service".

Sally, Stuart + Rascal & Fidget

"I would like to thank you for looking after my cats so well in recent years. You offer the highest standard of service and I can go away (often at short notice) with complete peace of mind knowing that my cats are being so well cared for. Could I particularly thank you for giving Eric his daily medication. I would be pleased to speak to any potential clients to personally recommend your services. Thanks again".

Viv + Henry, Bill, Eric, Jack, Betty, Parsley & Walnut

"Home Loving Cats looked after Trinny for us this Summer and their service was second to none. They certainly go the extra mile – making time to play Trinny as well as keeping her fed and watered. My only complaint was that she wasn't as nearly as pleased to see us when we got back from our holidays as she usually is! Clearly, Home Loving Cats were her new best friends!"

Sally + Trinny

"We're happy to let everyone know that we've had great service from Home Loving Cats for the last 3 years - we know that you give our cats the same care and affection as if they were your own, which is why we can always go on our holidays with total peace of mind, be it a long weekend or a fortnight! We know that we'll return to stress-free and well-groomed cats, unlike the old experiences of collecting them from a cattery. Plus there's the added security benefit of having someone calling into the house whilst we're away. Keep up the great work!"

Adrian, Kate + Oscar & Fifi

"Home Loving Cats have looked after Rosie for us and now look after Beau & Daisy when we go away. Their great love of animals is very apparent and we have found the care and affection that they give to our cats is outstanding. I especially appreciated the text messages from them to tell us how the cats are progressing and that all is well - a lovely and thoughtful touch. The peace of mind they give us when we leave our animals to go on a trip is worth everything. I am delighted we found them and can really recommend their excellent and reliable service".

Christine, Stephen + Beau & Daisy

"I have utilised the services of Home Loving Cats on a number of occasions over the last 12 months and can only say that when I return from my trips, I have always come back to a very happy cat! I can tell at once that although Beau is pleased to see me, he has been really well looked after in my absence. Knowing that Home Loving Cats are actively spending time with him in his own home is such a great reassurance to me for I know that Beau would not take kindly to being removed from his customary surroundings. But it goes beyond that. For example, I only realised as a result of Home Loving Cats involvement, how much Beau, as a housecat, enjoyed going outside. Initially on his visits to the garden we kept him in a harness provided by them but now he has registered the limits of his new "territory" and he purrs his heart out whenever he and I go outside together! There are just so many interesting sights, sounds and particularly smells in a garden! In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Home Loving Cats to any owner who wants the best for their cat in their absence".

Howard + Beau

"I'm happy to tell as many people as possible about the wonderful consistent service you've provided for Peaches over the past 2-3 years. As well as calling in to feed her over a weekend at fairly short notice, you have also checked on my daughter's goldfish and hamster too as our pet family has slowly increased. Last year you let me know when a plumbing leak developed a day after I'd gone away, and shut the water off. Not having nearby family to call in, you provide great peace of mind for me as I know if something crops up out of the blue, it will be dealt with. You are flexible and have gone out of your way to ensure that Peaches is very well looked after every time I'm away from home. Thanks as always".

Judy + Peaches

"We have left Smike and Pip in the safe hands of Home Loving Cats for the last three years happy in the knowledge that they would be cared for as if we were still at home. We trust them to contact us if they have any concerns but have always come home from our holidays to find the cats contented well fed and glossy coated - they even get brushed while we are away. In addition to this we know that Home Loving Cats are keeping an eye on the house as well as making it appear lived in during that time. Maureen and I have no hesitation in recommending Home Loving Cats to all cat lovers and indeed we do tell our friends about this wonderful alternative to catteries".

Alan, Maureen + Pip & Smike

"We have no hesitation in recommending Home Loving Cats. They are THE caring cat-experts who really go out of their way to ensure our cats are well looked after and loved when we are away. We find their service much more cost-effective than a cattery, besides being less stressful (for both us and the cats!). They always go the extra mile, even coming back one winter to reset the boiler at no extra cost!"

Cathy, Andy + Smudge & Murphy

"We recommend Home Loving Cats to all cat owners needing a cat sitting service. We couldn't do without them; they provide a first class efficient, discreet service and provide much needed reassurance when we have to be away from home. Many thanks to Home Loving Cats".

Cathy, Kevin + Cutie

"Several years ago I first called upon Home Loving Cats at a moment's notice and they came to meet my two cats and get the layout of the house within hours! I could tell from the way they reacted to Rudgie and Tasha that I could leave them in their very capable hands and I could go away without worrying about them. The house has always been clean with no messy areas where the cats eat and their dishes are always spotless and I also know the house will be safe. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone".

Linda + Rudgie & Tasha