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I am Philip Sowton, a devoted pet sitter and specialist cat sitter providing a very caring and professional pet sitting service and specialist cat sitting service in Exeter and surrounding districts including Cranbrook, Rockbeare, Woodbury, Newton St. Cyres, Bramford Speke, Longdown, Lympstone and Kenton.




My Exeter Cat Sitter Reviews   

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Exeter Cat Sitter Reviews

Why my Exeter cat sitting service benefits your cats and you

  • Better than a cattery.  Cats are territorial and most cats become stressed when taken away from their home environment.  It is clear that cats prefer staying in their familiar surroundings, they will have a little extra love and attention from me and you will be relaxed on your holiday or business trip knowing that a passionate cat lover is ensuring your pet is being well looked after.  Please see our article Why Cats Hate Catteries.

    As Chris Eiermann, MRCVS, former Joint Venture Partner and veterinary surgeon at Companion Care Vets in Exeter states: 

    I strongly believe that if owners are away it is best if your cat can stay in its own home environment.  This causes less stress and the cat will be happier.  For this reason I can recommend the aims and services of Home Loving Cats.’

  • As well as feeding your cats and providing fresh water ( always in washed, clean and dried bowls)  I will offer them close attention and lots of cuddles.  If they like to be groomed then I will brush them as well.  Litter trays will be changed and cleaned.
  • If your cat has special requirements these will be discussed with you at our initial meeting. For example if you would like your cat fed at a particular time I will do my best to arrange this.
  • If I see that your cat is unwell or has another health problem I will consult a vet immediately and if necessary take the cat to the surgery.
  • If you would like me to I can send a text, daily if required, to let you know how everything is going.   This will help you to be relaxed and enjoy your time away safe in the knowledge that your cat is well.
  • Unlike general pet sitters I only look after cats so I won’t arrive smelling of ‘dog’! (which could cause stress to your cat).
  • "Who you see is who you get".  I will personally attend to your cat.  I do not have any employees (who generally tend to be less reliable and less responsible).  So it is guaranteed that a passionate cat lover will look after your cat.
  • I am a reliable, conscientious person who when necessary will go beyond the call of duty.
  • I am a cat sitter who has a Police Basic Disclosure and Public Liability Insurance for your reassurance.
  • Over 45 years experience looking after my own cats.
  • Before using my service for the first time I will arrange to meet you, free of charge.  At this initial meeting you can tell me anything I need to know regarding food, routines, particular likes and dislikes, etc.
  • I work 7 days a week and will always be available during the usual busy holiday periods including throughout summer and at Easter and Christmas.  I cover every public holiday for which there is no additional charge.
  • If you need my service at short notice I will normally be able to oblige.  Similarly if your return gets delayed for some reason, simply send me a text and I will continue to look after your cats until your return.

About me

  • A Londoner who moved to Exeter in 1982 to open a restaurant.  I love the area so much that I have remained.  It’s great to travel just 20 minutes and be at the coast or on Dartmoor, as well as being near beautiful scenery and picturesque villages.
  • Married in 2001 to Irina, who was brought up in Tiraspol, Moldova, and took further education studies in North Ossietia in the Caucasus mountains.  Irina works in Exeter and Leeds as a tax accountant for a well known financial organisation.  It goes without saying that she is another passionate cat lover.
  • We had our son Peter in 2002.  His main interest is football and I help out as the club secretary for his team.  Football is my other great hobby, and as well as being a player and now a coach, I was a referee in grass roots football for 10 years.  In addition, previously I have been a secretary for two clubs, and organised the five- a-side competition in Exeter for Pitch Invasion.
  • A cat lover from a young age I remember my first cat, Ringo, named after the Beatle, arriving when I was 5 years old.  A fluffy black cat with gorgeous amber eyes.  Also there was Ossie, a black and white cat full of character, well remembered by my friends of that time.
  • I now have 4 cats.  Jazzy, a brown tabby, was adopted after a sadly traumatising previous life.  It took us 6 months to calm her into behaving normally and we are proud to have given her a safe and loving home.  Lenny is a pedigree Birman and Irina has no problem remembering his birthday – the start of the tax year!  We also have Zlatan, a Maine Coon red silver and Fred, a Norwegian Forest black smoke.
  • When I moved to Exeter, Gonzo, a long haired ginger, came with the property.  He was described by the previous owners as “an outdoor cat that lives in the barn”.  As we were going through the process of moving in, he was found stretched out comfortably in front of a fire, with piles of furniture and cardboard boxes around.  Needless to say, he was never an outdoor cat again!
  • My greatest, obscure, claim to fame was that my brother and sister-in-law had a silver tabby who was a direct cousin of the then Blue Peter cat.
  • Irina and I regularly pop into the local Cat Protection League adoption centre at Axhayes Farm with donations of food.
  • My working background has mainly been in catering and theatre where I have always been in a front of house role.  Consequently I am well used to working with the public.
  • I am now proud to be a member of the Home Loving Cats franchise so that my hobby and passion has now become my work.

As you can hopefully tell, I absolutely adore cats, so if you want a reliable and trustworthy person to care for your cats whilst you are away then please try my service.  I’m sure that your cat and you will really appreciate my service.

I hope to meet you and your cats very soon!

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Best regards


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