Our Service

Home Loving Cats is an expanding UK franchise of dedicated and caring cat sitters who each run their own independent cat sitting business and who provide an outstanding service for cats and their discerning owners. 

We offer a brilliant cat sitting service when you travel away, because instead of owners and cats both enduring the stress and ordeal of going to the cattery:

With our cattery alternative YOUR CAT STAYS AT HOME.

We visit your cat in its own home and:

  • replenish food/water
  • replace toilet litter
  • fuss, play and socialise with your cat
  • brush or comb you cat if it enjoys being groomed
  • check that it is generally well and happy
  • provide lots of re-assuring cuddles!

Catteries try their best, and most cattery owners are very caring people.  However, they are fighting against nature, as there is no escaping the fact that unlike dogs, cats are territorial animals and when they are forcibly removed from familiar surroundings and made to travel to a strange environment, they suffer very high levels of stress, sometimes stop eating for days at a time and can arrive back home in a traumatized state.

Regardless of whether you wish to take a holiday or weekend break, make a business trip, go into hospital, visit relatives or travel away for any other reason, our caring cat sitters offer the cat-preferred and compassionate cattery alternative.

Your cat will of course miss you whilst you’re away, but by using our dedicated cat sitting service you are doing everything you can to ensure that your cat will enjoy continuity of its normal diet, environment, routines and lifestyle.

We are experienced at recognising and handling cat problems and in the unlikely event that a cat becomes unwell whilst you are away, in addition to informing you by text or telephone, we will contact your regular vet and if necessary take your cat to the vet.


Bookings are accepted for any period of time from one day upwards.

We are available over most of the peak holiday periods of April to September, Easter, Christmas & New Year, school holidays and most weekends.  Therefore to avoid disappointment, you are strongly advised to check availability and make bookings as soon as you are aware of your travel dates.

However, we do understand that travel plans are often made on the spur of the moment and unforeseen emergencies also occur, so we always do our best to accommodate our regular clients. With the current hectic pace of modern life and the availability of cheaper flights, travel is often arranged at the very last minute - so we therefore pride ourselves on being able to react at short notice. Many of our clients regularly telephone to tell us that they’re off somewhere the next morning! Our flexibility, our fast response time and our reliability, are three of the many reasons why we have so many happy customers who like to travel, along with so many happy cats who like to stay in the comfort of their own homes!

When you decide to use our service for the very first time, we will arrange to visit you at a mutually convenient time.  At this (free) initial meeting, we can meet your cat (or cats) and you can tell us anything that we need to know with regard to food, routines, medications, favourite toys, etc.

If you have a security system, you will need to show us how this operates, and furnish us with a spare set of house keys.

We then make visits over the agreed period.  We ask that you leave sufficient cat food and fresh cat litter (if applicable) in plain view.  Nothing else is required.

Should your return be delayed or should you wish to extend your holiday, you can text or telephone us and we will continue to visit for a further period according to your instructions.

On a first booking, we collect the keys from you during the free initial meeting.

Many of our regular clients ask us to retain a spare set of keys so they don’t have to go to the inconvenience of getting keys to us each time they go away.  So whenever you decide to travel, you only need to text, email or telephone us, confirming the dates of your planned trip.  You may make use of this (free) facility if you wish, or continue getting the keys to us each time - whichever you prefer.

We are very proud of a our dedicated cat sitters.  Take a look at Our People.