The best pill popper for cats


In our experience, the best pill popper available for cats is the "Buster Pill Giver - Soft Tip".

cat pill popper

The product information says that prior to loading the tablet, the stringe can be filled with water.  "This squirts both water and tablet into the cats's mouth.  The cat gulps and the pill is swallowed".  We personally don't do this - as it can make the tablet soggy.  We prefer to use the stringe dry with tablet only - and we then separately squirt a little water in the cat's mouth using a different stringe (which we have ready).

These pill poppers can be purchased online at Animed Direct for £2.50 (post free) by clicking the following link:

Please do not confuse this product with the "Buster Pill Giver" - which has pincers at the end instead of the rubber tube - and is a rubbish product - since it does not secure the tablet at all well.  It looks like:

Happy pill giving!!!