Weighing A Cat At Home

Monitoring the weight of a cat on a regular basis is a good way of helping to monitor the health of the cat.

Unfortunately, commercial scales such as those used in a vet practice can be very expensive and cost hundreds of pounds.

You can however weigh the cat at home very easily. You need two things:


1)     a cat carrier with a handle on top

2)     some digital luggage scales


All you need to do is put the cat in the carrier and use the digital luggage scales to measure the total weight. Then remove the cat and weigh the carrier on its own. Subtracting the lower figure from the higher figure will give you the weight of the cat.


If you don't have any luggage scales, we recommend the “Balanzza Ergo” digital luggage scale (for details click here) which are available online through sites such as Amazon for around £19.99.


And the bonus is that you can use it for your holidays!