Home Loving Cats locations are operating normally and are making a significant contribution to the lives of cat owners in the community. 

In addition to normal cover for when cat owners are away on holiday and away on business trips (when government restrictions allow), we can also assist in a multitude of other situations where cat owners need to make a booking because of a pressing need to travel caused by the coronavirus.  These could include:

  • Cat owners with an urgent requirement to visit friends or family in a different part of the country - to support them in their time of need if their family is affected in some way by the current coronavirus situation.
  • Cat owning NHS workers or other essential workers temporarily deployed to a different hospital trust or to another location.
  • Cat owners living alone who are taken into hospital and where a family member needs to arrange cat care.

It goes without saying that Home Loving Cats maintains meticulous hygiene standards at all times, (especially the washing of hands), along with other protective measures.  Please also bear in mind that a Home Loving Cats cat sitter can get into their car, drive to a customer’s house, go into the house to care for cats, get back into the car, and drive home again - without coming into contact with a single human being. 

If you have work colleagues, friends, neighbours, or family with cats, and so that they will have the certainty of something to fall back on in the event of an urgent family need caused by the coronavirus, please let them know about the Home Loving Cats service or feel free to paste this page link in your usual social media platform.

Best wishes to you and your family in the days ahead. 

Stay well and healthy.

From all at Home Loving Cats

To contact your local Home Loving Cats service, please enter your full postcode in the form at the top of this page.