Pet Franchise Comparison

This article is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to compare the existing pet franchise opportunities available in the market today.

Pet franchises tend to fall into the following broad categories:

Dog boarding only
Dog walking/dog care only
Cat sitting only
A range of pet sitting services including some or all of the above
Pet food distributors

The leading pet franchise opportunities are summarised below under the relevant category:

(Please note that all the following franchise names are clickable links to the franchise website)


Dog boarding only

Wagging Tails Pet Franchise (£12,114 initial franchise fee)


Barking Mad Pet Franchise (£18,132 initial franchise fee)


Dog walking/dog care only

Walk My Dog Pet Franchise (£6,450 initial franchise fee)


Dog Knows Pet Franchise (£9,000 initial franchise fee)



Cat Sitting only

Home Loving Cats Pet Franchise (NO initial franchise fee)


A range of pet services including some or all of the above categories


Petpals Pet Franchise (£21,000 initial cost including £15,000 franchise fee)



Paw Pals Pet Franchise (£9,995 initial franchise fee)


Pet Carers Pet Franchise (£9,880 initial franchise fee)


Pet Food Distributors

Husse Pet Franchise (£11,988 initial franchise fee)


Oscar Pet Foods Pet Franchise (£17,994 initial franchise fee)


Trophy Pet Foods Pet Franchise (£16,794 initial franchise fee)


When considering a pet food distributor franchise, you really need to ask yourself the question of whether you really want to be hawking around promotional literature, leaflets, samples, food bags and other equipment around various shows in the region, weekend after weekend, month after month, in all sorts of inclement weather, trying to persuade (mainly) dis-interested people to buy what you are trying to sell?  (Also, please do not be misled into believing that it is an easy “soft” sell – because it really isn’t!).

Is retailing pet food really a lucrative area to get into these days - when all of the supermarkets, (not to mention specialist pet food suppliers such as Pets At Home, Jollyes, etc) are now stocking a tremendously wide range of pet foods (including some quality premium brands).

Most individuals looking for a pet franchise want meaningful contact with pets. Pet Food Franchises will not give you that.  Yes, part of the role is to try to advise owners on nutritional matters, etc.  However, on a scale of 10 where 10 is the highest level of meaningful contact with pets, pet care franchises will score 10 whereas Pet food franchises will be around 2 maximum – on a good day! – and zero on others.  The role is essentially one of being merchandising van drivers along with giving out leaflets and free samples.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that - so long as it is something that you want to do.

Franchise Direct have some useful information which compares Pet Franchise Opportunities.

franchise-direct is the official online partner of the British Franchise Association and they showcase some Pet Franchises For Sale